• Farm Location: Clarendon

    Created by: Danelia

Farm Location: Clarendon

Created by : Danelia

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 16:45
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This farm is managed well by an agricultural enthusiast, an 'old farmer' if you wish.  The area of the farm is ideal as it’s in close proximity to lots of support services offered to farmers and is ideal to grow most crops.

Acreage: 25 Acres


Experience Level: 20 + years


Soil Type: Clay Loam 


Water Source: A river borders the property which flows consistently even in the dry season.


Water Storage: Nil



Landscape :  Relatively flat with a gentle slope



Strength of Farmer: - Poised to get additional technical training in irrigation, fertilizer management & crop production.



Best Practises Observed: The use of corn barriers, Raised bedding



Best Crops To Grow: The land is prime agricultural land and is therefore suitable for most crops. The soil is fairly fertile, deep and is free from stones. 



Farm Score: 9/10


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